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The Lucky Bag 
Dustin Clingenpeel (author of our "Life Jacket Shark Chaser" article) sends us these photos of a very interesting rigger-made pouch from his extensive collection of survival gear. Believed to have been made at unit level, this pouch clearly was designed to hold the flier's emergency signal equipment in a centralized and easily accessible location. The simple, but effective, rear loops allow it to be attached to the parachute harness, flight suit belt, life vest strap or web waist belt.
Above:  The pouch can be seen here on a torso form which is part of Dustin's survival equipment display at a friend's private museum.

Below:  With some research, Dustin found a fact sheet about the original owner of this pouch, Ross H. Morgan, an aviation radioman who served as an Avenger crewman in three different composite squadrons. We thank Mr. Morgan for his service and Dustin for sharing this exciting item.