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Summer Aviator's Gloves
Above is another opportunity to see a well-worn pair of summer gloves in use by this Marine aviator.

After seeing this article when first published, loyal reader Riley Willetts sent us some photos of the summer gloves in his collection and they are presented to you below. Many thanks Riley!

From top to bottom we have pre-war, wartime and late-war gloves, followed by an example of early 1960s vintage for a comparison of details and markings.
Jerry K. has also provided us with some detailed photos of his pre-war gloves and another image of Machinist Donald Runyon wearing a similar well-used pair. Thanks Jerry!

Just in are two more pairs of late-war dark brown summer gloves, submitted by Goz. Upon turning the first pair inside out, he found some interesting markings. "Table Cut" and in yellow, "TC" above A33. Presumably, these were intended to help guide the war worker who would follow a pattern when cutting the glove components from the processed leather hides or the seamstress who would sew them together when assembling the glove. If someone knows for certain, please set us straight.
His second pair appears to be unissued as they are still joined together with thread. You won't find them any nicer than that! Thank you for your contributions Goz.
Below:  The classic color documentary "The Battle of Midway", by John Ford, provides us with another glimpse of the pre-war brown summer gloves, being worn by Wildcat pilots from U.S.S. Yorktown, as seen in these screencaps from the film.