"Pilots, Man Your Planes!"   
                                         WWII U.S. Naval Aviation Collector's Guide                                                                              
At the top of the page, we see Second Lieutenant McClurg wearing his full flight gear in the cockpit of his Corsair. The date of this photo is unknown to us, but would have been taken sometime during the squadron's second tour and prior to January 6th, 1944 when their tour was completed.

Our reconstruction, at right and on the previous page, is put together with equipment similar to that used by McClurg. Missing, of course,  is the one-of-a-kind rigger made survival shoulder bag (made from gray aircraft canvas, the type of fabric used to construct parachute packs) which was carried by McClurg. We can only speculate as to what actual contents he preferred, but some items known to have been carried by other squadron members include a jeep cap, spare sox, D-ration chocolate, gun oil, vitamin tablets, razor blades, strip maps, Australian silver coins and jungle survival literature.

Above, another view of his "light" flying order, this time with the addition of a pistol belt, with hip holster, and a throat microphone.

Not shown in any of these McClurg photos, but seen in use by other squadron pilots, his complement of equipment would be made complete by a seat parachute of the AN-6510 type (either an AAF or Navy contract) it's attached "original" backpad survival kit, a seat cushion and a one man raft pack.

Below, the contents of an "original" backpad kit are displayed on a board in the VMF-214 briefing tent. These kits were undoubtedly received during the combat tour, therefore, training in their use would have been done "on-the-job". The Very's shells, rations and fishing kit are clearly discernible. Dilbert cartoons can be seen to the upper right of the display.

At bottom right, Major Boyington models the AN-6510 parachute, seat cushion and life raft pack combination. The parachute's back pad has not yet been replaced with a backpad survival kit.