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                                         WWII U.S. Naval Aviation Collector's Guide                                                                              
U.S. Navy A-14 Oxygen Masks
Above:  Reproduced at 100%, these pages from the Navy Aviation Supply Catalog, dated August, 1944, provide us with names, part and stock numbers for the components of the diluter demand oxygen system of which the A-14 mask was a part. In addition, we can also see the sixteen items that made up the mask and allowed it to be attached to a flight helmet.

Below:  Each box included a paper envelope of parts needed to facilitate the attachment of the mask.
Below: If this doesn't drive you crazy, nothing will! We've mentioned previously that the "Helmet Side HOOK" (item number 5 on the parts list above) can be found with an original narrow hook and later a wider hook (see page two of this article). Well, thanks to the diligent bush-beating efforts of "Goz", we can now show you the ten known variations of these hooks that he has painstakingly tracked down, to date. If more variations exist, we are confident he will hunt them down as well.