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                                         WWII U.S. Naval Aviation Collector's Guide                                                                              
U.S. Navy A-14 Oxygen Masks

From top to bottom we have the following:

Navy contract, short cord,  ANB-M-C1 oxygen mask microphone.
This example is by Western Electric and has a metal tag.

Depending on the contractor, the mic's PL-291 plug can be found with an anchor acceptance stamp, "USN" stamp, or without markings.

Fiber tags on the "USN" stamped plug, made by Shure Brothers. Photos courtesy of Jerry K..

The Navy contract Western Electric box with anchor stamp.

AN CX-41/AR-5  "push-to-talk" switch with cord.

Improved AN CX-41A/AR-5 with new snap action switch and larger ring holder.

AN CX-42/AR-5, five foot extension cord for the mask microphone. Lt. Hood, USMC, at right, holds one of these extension cords, along with his headset extension cord.