"Pilots, Man Your Planes!"   
                                         WWII U.S. Naval Aviation Collector's Guide                                                                              
It is our great privilege to give you a first look at these beautiful aircraft profiles. They are but six of the nineteen that are included in Greg Pons' Marine book. These thoroughly researched and highly detailed works of art, on this and the following page, were done by Nicholas Gohin. The planes illustrated below were part of Marine Carrier Air Group Two (MCVG-2), which was deployed aboard U.S.S. Gilbert Islands, CVE-107. The Corsair was not assigned to a specific pilot. The Avenger was flown by Captain "Bill" Patterson with radio/navigator Sgt. Ed Martin and turret gunner Sgt. George Adams.
Greg tells us that full sized prints are available for purchase from the artist. Fr more details you can contact Nicholas directly at specdesigner@hotmail.fr 
Artwork by Nicholas GOHIN ©2011