"Pilots, Man Your Planes!"   
                                         WWII U.S. Naval Aviation Collector's Guide                                                                              
"Because of the large amount of patriotism, the general public went out of its way to be generous to us. Each ready room (every squadron had one) was given a jukebox that played multiple recordings. The squadron jukebox was always rattling off songs. Each week they would change the records, but one record was never changed. Day after day throughout the cruise it would loudly emit its vocal, "Drinking Rum and Coca Cola, Working for the Yankee Dollar", and it was playing now as we plotted our navigation."

The quote above is from the book "Hellcat Tales" by Robert "Gabby" Gadbois, a pilot with VBF-12 aboard U.S.S. Randolph recounting preparations for CAG-12's February 16, 1945 strike on airfields in and around the Tokyo area.

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