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Dauntless Pilots, 1943 
A Colorful Compilation
We believe that the majority of these pilots are members of Bombing Squadron Five, aboard USS Yorktown in September of 1943, part of Carrier Air Group Five as were the Hellcat and Avenger pilots shown previously. Their clothing and gear appears largely to be similar to what we have seen was used by the torpedo pilots of this air group.
The pilot pictured at right (and above) is wearing a one piece HBT suit, identical to the familiar U.S. Army mechanic's suit, which was routinely issued to pilots as an alternate flight suit. We have an example, made by Burlington Mfg. Co., that was produced under contract NXSy 15961, dated October 16, 1942 and was ordered by the Purchasing Officer, Bureau of Yards and Docks, Navy Department. Also of interest is this pilot's rigger made, belt type first aid kit. The three large pockets had ample room for an assortment of medical supplies.
Unfortunately, none of the pilots have been identified, with the exception of Lt. David R. Beery (fifth from top), who was not a member of this squadron. His goggles appear to be the light weight commercial model, known as "Type B-7", with a black plastic frame.