"Pilots, Man Your Planes!"   
                                         WWII U.S. Naval Aviation Collector's Guide                                                                              
Thanks to a recent acquisition, we can now show you some more detailed photos of the early style "U.S. Navy" marked A-14 mask. As previously stated, the only difference is the markings on the wearer's left side of the mask that replace the standard property and date information. This example has the early Rego brass disconnect coupling fitted as well.
The cello-tape residue that remains on the front of this mask probably covered the name of its original user, now lost to history. This was not an uncommon practice among navy pilots who were always anxious to personalize their gear and make it easily identifiable. At left below is the label found on the A-14 used by VF-9 ace LT (jg) Jim French, his last name typed on a slip of paper. At right, a humorous quote clipped from the NAS Banana River news letter was taped to the A-14 of VF-15 ace LT (jg) Arthur Singer, Jr. In response to the Flight Surgeon's question, "Have you any physical defects?", the cadet responds, "Yes, sir--no guts." The statement is made all the more ironic in light of Singer's outstanding combat record and eleven aerial victories.
Below:  Some additional views of the early U.S. Navy marked A-14 from the collection of "Goz", shown previously on page 7. Note, it is fitted with an AAF Dwg 42B5341-1 coupling.
U.S. Navy A-14 Oxygen Masks