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A good friend of this site, Gregory Pons, has been kind enough to give us an exclusive look at the cover of his newest book. You may recognize his name from the books and articles on the Army Air Forces he has written in the past for a well known military magazine. He has recently switched publishers for this latest endevor. The finishing touches are being applied now and he reports it should be available in February of 2012.
After a sneak peak at some of the content, we can safely say that you will want to add this exciting work to your reference library as soon as it becomes available. The pages are full of never before published vintage photos and color reconstructions using original gear. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available. Rumor has it that he is also working on a companion volume covering U.S. Navy Aviators. We can't wait! Best of luck Gregory!
THIS JUST IN.........Greg has sent us aircraft profiles from both his current Marine and future Navy books. Clicking the "Profiles" link button below will take you directly to the first of the three pages.
Update!       NOW AVAILABLE! 

                  USMC AVIATORS
       Marine Corps airmen in the Pacific

From the author himself:

Hello everybody,
Here is my new third book which is now available in the English version since May 22 on the publisher's website. Please click here to visit and place your order:

I invite you to discover the aviators of the legendary US Marine Corps in the Pacific. This book contains 192 pages, seven chapters (each named for a different squadron), uniforms and flight gear, personal memoirs, excerpts from the war diary of a dive bombing squadron, flight log books and photo albums of the men who served in it.
Here is its contents :

Introduction : 10 pages
Chapter 1 VMSB-144 : 18 pages
Chapter 2 VMSB-235 : 10 pages
Chapter 3 VMF-222 : 61 pages
Chapter 4 VMSB-341 : 10 pages
Chapter 5 VMTB-143 : 48 pages
Chapter 6 VMF-512 : 18 pages
Chapter 7 VMTB-454 : 15 pages
Bibliography, acknowledgments : 1 page

Through this book you are going to share the daily lives of these men and their experiences in training and combat. With its colorful plane profiles, original documents, and reconstructions detailing the flight equipment of these men, this book is the first of its kind about US Marine aviation.

Best regards

Below are the new front and back covers.