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Another good friend of this site, Dustin Clingenpeel, has been kind enough to give us a look at the cover of Volume One of his soon to be release survival equipment book series. This is Dustin's first venture into the world of publishing, but he has connected with respected aviation author Mick Prodger, to serve as his publisher, so is in good hands.You may recognize Dustin's name from his past contributions to our site and the US Militaria Forum. After many years of hard work, Volume One is now at the printer and he reports it should be available sometime in the Spring of 2019. Volume Two has also been completed and will follow Volume One shortly, we hope.

We have been privileged to see some of the rough drafts, and can report that you will find his work to be both groundbreaking and very thorough. Previous publications on the subject have only scratched the surface and have contained large amounts of speculation. Dustin, however, has done extensive research at the National Archives, National Museum of the USAF and National Naval Aviation Museum to name just a few. The photographs he has uncovered are nothing short of amazing and the text will provide you the history and development of a wide range of  WW2 USAAF and USN / USMC survival gear. If you have even a passing interest in this subject, these two volumes will be a "must have" for your library. Keep watching here as things progress, and we will keep you posted!
Dustin tells us:

"Volume one is in the graphic design department of Elm Grove Publishing so keep an eye out at elmgrovepublishing.com for purchasing. The cover only lists some of the key chapters but it specifically includes the following:

-Multi Person Life Rafts AAF & USN

-One-Man Life Rafts AAF-USN

-Life Preservers AAF & USN

-Signaling Mirrors

-Sea Markers

-Pyrotechnic Smoke Signals

-Pyrotechnic Flares




-Personal Aids Kits (E-3, E-17, Mark-I etc.)

-Protective Clothing

-Survival Training

Here is the cover for Volume One."