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                                         WWII U.S. Naval Aviation Collector's Guide                                                                              
AN-6530 Goggles
Composite Squadron pilots pose by the tail of an FM-2 Wildcat. The two at left use MK-II goggles, the next two have conventional AN-6530s. The pilot on the the right has AN-6530s with what we have refered to in this article as the "improved" one piece cushion made from a more dense rubber (possibly neoprene?).

Below:  Some examples for comparison. Colors range from brown to shades of tan and gray.
Above:  25 victory USMC ace 1st Lieutenant Robert Hanson is seen here with a pair of these goggles. There appears to be some damage to the bottom of the frame on the wearer's left side as well.  

Below:  In this more familiar image of Hanson, he wears a pair of goggles with the conventional foam rubber cushion.
Below:  The smooth rubber cushions are thinner, more flexible and the nose contours are more prominent, which helps make them easy to spot in a vintage photo.
Above and below:  Side by side, the differences are clear. Surviving examples we have examined appear to show that the "improved" cushions have passed the test of time and do not suffer from the same degree of deterioration that the original foam rubber cushions so often show after 70 years.

Bottom:  LCDR Charles L. Crommelin, circa September 1943, aboard U.S.S. Yorktown as skipper of VF-5, prior to his promotion to CDR and CAG. Based on the contours of the nose area, we believe his C.F.S. goggles are fitted with a cushion of the type discussed on this page.