"Pilots, Man Your Planes!"   
                                         WWII U.S. Naval Aviation Collector's Guide                                                                              
AN-6530 Goggles
Above:  Furnished in a box more colorful than those provided with a typical set of military goggles, this variation of the standard AN-6530 was available for aviators who wore corrective lenses. Before you protest that less than 20/20 vision was not acceptable for those who aspired to be Naval aviators, we should point out that these special goggles were intended for the use of more senior aviators, not active combat pilots, who still found occasion to fly.

Below:  Removeable "Rx Rings" for corrective lenses have been attached to the retainer bands of  "split pad" cushions which are fitted into standard AN-6530 frames. Green "Calobar" lenses were included.
Above:  No doubt the contract was a small one, thus the use by American Optical of a re-labeled commercial goggle box. 

Below:  CDR Howard Caldwell (right), Commander of Air Group (CAG) Twelve, chats with Rear Admiral Fredrick C. Sherman, Commander, Carrier Division 2, whom he has just flown aboard U.S.S. Saratoga in November 1943. The Admiral wears prescription glasses.