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                                         WWII U.S. Naval Aviation Collector's Guide                                                                              
AN-6530 Goggles
As seen above, you will find different combinations of frame, pad type or color, strap and lenses that were used by Navy fliers.

Below:  A sampling of AN-6530 straps, showing some of the various possible combinations of elastic weave, color and hardware. Although current reproductions are available, these are all of original vintage.
Above:  Another of the many possible combinations of frame, cushion, lens and strap is seen here on an M-450 summer helmet with hand-stitched "volcano" earcups from the collection of "Goz".

Below is an interesting example due to the fact that we can read in the airman's flight log book that he was issued his basic items of flight clothing and equipment, including these AN-6530 goggles, on April 10, 1945 at NAS San Diego, California while in training with VMTB-621. At the same time, he was also issued a set of rubber framed, Navy type M-1944 flight goggles.
Below:  Cushions will be found in shades of gray and tan.  The examples shown here are original production of wartime vintage. Current replacement cushions of various price and quality have been available to the collector market for several years.
Above and below:  Major John Lucian Smith, USMC, is seen sitting in the cockpit of an F4F at NAS Anacostia, Washington, DC, in November of 1942, shortly after he was awarded the Medal of Honor. As CO of VMF-223 during the Guadalcanal campaign, Major Smith scored 19 victories between 8/21/42 and 10/3/42. Based on the date of these photos, his CFS AN-6530s must be from an early production run. When he turns his head, we can see his goggle strap is for the earlier CFS MK-II style.
Above and below:  A dramatic effect is achieved by the extreme contrast seen in this example where dark Sky-Lookout lenses were teamed up with a light tan pad and black strap.